Committee Descriptions

Regional Trauma Advisory Board (RTAB):
The RTAB is an advisory board with the primary purpose of supporting the Health Officer's role to ensure a high quality system of patient care for the victims of trauma within Clark County and the surrounding areas by making recommendations and assisting in the ongoing design, operation, evaluation, and revision of the system from initial patient access to definitive patient care. The membership of RTAB is multidisciplinary in nature to assure that all stakeholders are afforded the opportunity for input. 

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Trauma Medical Audit Committee (TMAC):
The TMAC is a multidisciplinary medical review committee of the District Board of Health that will meet regularly, including as a peer review committee, to review and evaluate trauma care in the system, monitor trends in system performance, and make recommendations for system improvements.
Pre-Trauma Medical Audit Committee (Pre-TMAC): The Pre-TMAC review team is a multidisciplinary subcommittee of the TMAC that is responsible for the initial screening of cases for referral to the TMAC. The Pre-TMAC shall meet no less than quarterly, preceding the TMAC meeting, at times arranged by the members of the Pre-TMAC and the Office of EMS & Trauma System (OEMSTS).

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Trauma Registry Users Group (TRUG):
The TRUG is composed of the trauma program managers and trauma registrars within the community and the OEMSTS staff. The TRUG will meet at least annually or more frequently as necessary to plan, implement, and monitor the trauma registry.
Ad-Hoc Committees: Ad Hoc Committees, assisted by OEMSTS staff, are time-limited committees with specific functions designed to assist the RTAB achieve its overall objectives.

Southern Nevada Injury Prevention Partnership (SNIPP):
The SNIPP was established under the authority of the RTAB to:

  1. advise and assist the RTAB in the structure and development of the injury prevention component of the Southern Nevada Trauma System Plan;
  2. assure the provision and/or initiation of a full spectrum of injury prevention efforts in Southern Nevada, with emphasis on those that directly impact the Trauma System (i.e., motor vehicle related injuries);
  3. develop a quantitative community health and injury assessment in order to provide evidence based and specific injury prevention program recommendations specific to Southern Nevada;
  4. facilitate and promote collaboration and coordination of available resources to meet identified needs;
  5. facilitate and promote coordination and collaboration to evaluate program outcome data to modify existing programs and create new programs to meet identified needs;
  6. promote heightened awareness of injury prevention issues and concerns to the community and recognition of injury prevention as a legitimate public and governmental service.

Trauma Procedure/Protocol Review Committee (TPPRC):
The purpose of the TPPRC is to assist the Southern Nevada Health District'sOEMSTS, the RTAB, and the TMAC in reviewing, researching, editing and/or developing new and existing procedures and/or protocols.

Trauma Rehabilitation Committee:
The purpose of the Trauma Rehabilitation Committee is to collect and review trauma rehabilitation data and documentation to conduct outcomes assessment and performance improvement activities.

Trauma Research Committee:
The purpose of the Trauma Research Committee is to identify research priorities, develop policies and procedures to facilitate trauma data-sharing, identify potential funding sources, and create opportunities for research collaboration.

Trauma System Advocacy Committee (TSAC):
The purpose of the Trauma Advocacy Committee is to promote trauma system development by advocating for sustainable financial, legislative, and public support for the trauma system serving the residents and visitors of Southern Nevada.